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By filling out this style survey we will have a better idea as to what to send in your box. Given the unique nature of Redbird Vintage Box we want to make sure every item you receive is perfectly matched to your vintage style so be as detailed as possible! After purchasing your box be on the lookout for an email from us with any additional questions we may have! Add to your address book so you don't miss us!

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We allow and encourage requests from the Redbird Vintage Shop so head over there, browse around and let us know if something catches your eye. We also post a lot on our Instagram (@RedbirdVintageBox) and you can request directly from there.

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Don't forget to follow us on Instagram (@RedbirdVintageBox) because we post items that you can request on there! Do you have Pinterest? Create a "Redbird" board and pin your favorite vintage things!

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Our FAQ's page is FILLED with all the information you will need to know regarding your subscription. Everything from shipping details (domestic and international) to our return policy and beyond! Please take a moment to skim through these and if you have any additional questions don't hesitate to email us!