Sisters who share a love of vintage, shopping, subscription boxes and an ambitious dream...

Yup. That's us. A young Sarah and Karen ready to take on the world! As you can clearly see from the adorable photo on your left, we have been lovers of all things fashion since childhood. That love widened after discovering a treasure trove of gowns and jewelry from the 60's and 70's in our grandmother's closet one summer. Our grandmother was the epitome of style and grace. Wearing her dresses made us feel elegant, special and confident. We were also fascinated with the story behind the dress. Where was it from? Was it handmade? What spectacular event did she attend wearing this one-of-kind piece?!

Our grandmother also had a love of cardinals . After she passed away our dad gave each of us our own ceramic cardinal to remind us of her. Legend says that when you see a cardinal, it's a loved one returning to say hello.

We hope to pass on our love of vintage as well as our grandmother's memory with every Redbird Box. The unknown stories and history surrounding our items is what excites us the most and we can't wait for you to create new stories of your very own!



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What our fabulous subscribers say about Redbird Vintage Box:

"I loved absolutely every piece you selected for me! I was amazed at how perfect each selection was!"

- Sandy

"The best present I ever bought myself!"

- Marianne

"Somehow, without knowing me, you've managed to capture my style perfectly!" - Erica